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Kellie Richardson is a creative, coach and educator born and raised

in Tacoma, Washington.


Kellie is particularly inspired and called to explore Blackness, and all the wonder that entails. As the 2017-2019 Poet Laureate for the city of Tacoma, Kellie worked to ensure literary arts are both accessible to

and representative of the diversity of the community.


Kellie believes her work has one purpose: to be used as a tool for liberation and

healing. Sometimes through provocation or confession, other times through belly laughs or tears, Kellie works to center the beauty and power of everyday folk, and put some funk into the dread we call survival. Her most recent collection, The Art of Naming My Pain (Blue Cactus Press, 2019) combines poetry, prose and mixed media collage to offer readers an honest account of her struggles with identity, relationships, mental health and self-love.

Kellie is a highly skilled trainer with 20 years' experience building the capacity of leaders and organizations. Kellie specializes in the guiding organizations through equity and inclusion initiatives . Kellie believes that while training is critical, sustainable change is only achieved through individual reflection, accountability, and building new connections. Kellie thrives in designing and delivering content in a myriad of subjects including organizational effectiveness, leadership development, and evaluation.  Kellie a certified racial justice facilitator, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from Washington State University, as well as Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Washington.


Kellie is a certified coach who is deeply honored to walk alongside those seeking opportunities to align with their true purpose through discovery, radical imagination and courageous self-compassion.

"I meet people where they are. My work is centered on connection, integrity,

creativity, and JOY."

-Kellie Richardson

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