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Artist Statement


I wish to invite audiences into the intersections of my experience as a Black, poor, queer, broken, healing, laughing, loving individual in this world.  Being a parent of a teenage Black boy has brought another level of consciousness to my day to day life. Dare I hope for him?  Dare I promise my first-born daughter that she can indeed do, be, love in the way she sees fit, free of fear or hatred? I wish I could say yes without reservation. Even though I can’t, I am still overcome by the pride, joy and bliss of being Black.


I am a poet and mixed media artist, who came to art out of necessity, a very primal attempt to stay grounded, stay present and fight mind monsters. My work is a dance with the ghosts of my pasts, and their impacts on my life. When I dismantle materials and reconfigure them, I know that I am conducting the time-honored tradition of so many other women, who gather the bits of refuse the world has left them, weaving them into a tapestry of survival designed to feed our babies and sustain our sanity.


I turned 40 and lost the desire to stay live quietly.  My work is the unfolding of my voice, bearing witness to the possibility of life after self-loathing.

Hilltop is my home, and I ain’t leaving.

Where to Explore/Buy

You can explore Kellie's art below. Email her at if interested in purchasing work. Subscribe below to receive updates and invitations to attend upcoming pop ups and exhibits. 


     Kellie is available for artist’s talks, workshops, readings,

and commissioned work. Contact her at

with requests or inquiries.

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