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POETRY READINGS/PERFORMANCES                                                                       

Kellie is available to share/read work from her poetry collection as well as provide spoken word performances.

KEYNOTE REMARKS                                                                                                             

Kellie will craft inspirational and engaging remarks tailored to the focus or theme of your event. She has provided keynotes for annual fundraising events, award celebrations and galas. Keynotes can be a mix of poetry, performance and speech.



State of the City, Remember: Kellie wrote and recorded her poem Remember to accompany the video featured during Mayor Victoria Woodard's 2019 State of the City.


TEDx Talk, Why Healing Hurts: Kellie shares two spoken word pieces, "My Vagina Ain't No Cemetery," and "Reparations," as she discusses the desire, necessity, and pain of healing.


Prickly Pear Podcast: In this episode, Kellie talks about her artistry and explains the importance of bringing your true self to the stage. And yeah, we gripe about changing neighborhoods and community dynamics in Tacoma.

Profoundly Ignorant Podcast: Chris Blount and Kellie talk poetry, creativity, and sacred sarcasm.

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