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ANNOUNCEMENT: My 1st Collection Available Now

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my first collection of poetry, What Us Is.  You can purchased here.  Paper and Kindle versions are available.  I made the decision to just put it out there as I’ve begun working on my 2nd collection and need to stop shying away from the risk of putting my words out there.

I’m proud of the menagerie of struggles, life lessons, stiff cocktails, sex, fear, and joy that brought this work to life. This collection explores the deep pain and profound joy of my journey thus far; from loving assholes to hating myself, from police brutality to partying in Memphis.

Oddly, I’m more proud of the cover than I think I am of the poetry. The cover is a print version of the mixed media collage that I created while home recovering from my breakdown. The piece features my grandmother, Oneida Felton, in one of my favorite images of her. I loved seeing her in her nurse’s uniform.  She was so stately and classy; always polished and prepared to drench any disappointment in faith, fragrance, or food.  Sometimes, even all three. I wrote a pantoum in her honor, “Grief,” that I included in the collection. Her spirit is ever present in mine because she literally wrote the playbook of how I learned womanhood and the art of sumptuous and soulful cuisine. Miss you, Granny.

I crave your support and your feedback on this work.  Also, if you buy the paper copy you can download the Kindle version for free.

Brown Betty out.

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