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A Sweet Shot in the Arm

Lean in to your life.

Turn and strain and reach

towards whatever beauty you can find,

like poppies stalk the sun.

Squeeze the possibility out of the pain.

Eat bright things.

Bite down and crunch and slurp.

Devour them like your last breath,

like the very last sunset.

Don’t be fooled:

The light of life will set on your

face whether you

smile or snarl,

so be clever and wise

and generous with your kisses,

be silly and extravagant

in the chances you take.

Ask for forgiveness

and give it too.

You’re special,

and hurting,

and you’re not the only one.

We can heal each other quietly

while we breathe and bleed.

So why not love me?

Why not let out the hem

of the poison you’ve

carried with you all this time?

Trust the the earth

to do it’s work

and bury your burden.

It was never yours anyhow.

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